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BRODIE FALCONE (Jim)  is an upcoming junior at Allen High School and is grateful to be have the opportunity to play Jim in chatroom. Brodie has been doing theater since 8th grade and has previously worked with teen voices on the Laramie project.


RILEY FRAUENHEIM (William): is so excited to be able to perform! He has done a lot of shows, such as Professor Callahan in Legally Blonde and Barry Klemper from The Boys Next Door. He would like to thank his family for setting up an entire office that he could use, and his directors for supporting him throughout the process. Enjoy the show!


AMARI GRIMES (Emily) is excited to be in this show because she is happy to have a new experience like this. She missed being in shows during this time. Amari would like to thank her directors Eric and Stacy for allowing us to have this opportunity and giving us another chance to produce a great show. She hopes everyone enjoys the show and she thanks you for watching.  


STORI JAMES (Emily) is so excited to be performing her first show with Eric and Stacy. She wants to thank her fellow cast mates, directors, and student directors - and lastly, her biggest inspiration is the one and only Harry Styles.


LAILA JALIL (Eva) is an upcoming senior at Allen High School and is so excited to be able to still perform despite current events.  She would like to thank Eric and Stacy for giving the actors an opportunity to do what they love despite everything.


ANYA KRISHNASWAMI (Laura) is heading to UT Austin in the fall. She has been a part of Allen High School Theatre during the past four years, and has done shows with StageDoor and CenterStage. This is her first Teen Voices show. She would like to thank the very talented castmembers and directors for being so easy to work with!


KATIE MARK (Laura)  is a Junior at St. Edwards University, working towards her BFA in Acting. She also loves performing comedy, carpentry, and working at House Of Torment. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Eric and Stacy again!


CHASE MATOUS (Jack) would like to thank everyone for coming out and watching our performance of Chatroom. He is happy for the experience that Stacy and Eric has given him. This will be a show he will always remember. Thank you!


NICK MERRITT (William) is super excited to be participating in “Chatroom”! He is an incoming senior at Allen High school. He would like to thank Eric and Stacy for helping him through this process, and his parents and brother for all the support. He hopes you enjoy the show!


RYAN MOORE (Jack) is going to be a sophomore at Richardson High School where he is a part of the Theatre Collective. He is so excited to be a part of this amazing production. He would like to thank Eric and Stacy for being so welcoming and his friends and family for coming to see the show!


ANDIE PACE (Eva) in an upcoming senior at Allen High School and is excited to be performing this play online! She knows this experience fis one she will remember and talk about for the rest of her life. She would like to thank her mom and Eric for being so innovative with this idea and keeping theatre alive through this strange time. She would also like to thank all of her cast mates for putting on a great show!


BRYCE WILSON (JIM) is a 2020 graduate of Allen High School.Honestly, with everything going on, he misses the collaboration and everything that comes with good people who get together to perform. Stacy and Eric have made that possible while we’re still 6 feet apart. This show is beautiful and he will never forget this experience, thank you. 

ERIC LEVY (Artistic Director) has been directing, producing, teaching and creating theatre for over thirty years, and just when he thought he had seen everything theatre had to offer, a global pandemic goes and proves him wrong! Eric is immensely proud of this production and extremely grateful that he gets to work with passionate, talented, and creative students on a regular basis. Eric's thanks go out to Stacy for - well everything (including putting up with his endless stream of texts) and to Lissa and the boys for being his rock (even after being trapped in the house with them for over two months)!

STACY WINSETT (Executive Director) is exhausted! Thanks go out to our awesome cast members for joining us on this new adventure, her husband Jared for always understanding and supporting, Eric for all the ideas and texts and scripts and texts and ideas and texts and making my schedule for me and and and... and to her daughter Andie for all the hugs. She is immensely proud of this production and hopes you are impressed enough to come back for more in the future!

this title is managed & licensed by Concord Theatricals UK

all music is copyrighted to original publishers

playwright: Enda Walsh

Six teenaged characters communicate only via the internet. Conversations range in subject from Britney Spears to Willy Wonka to - suicide: Jim is depressed and talks of ending his life and Eva and William decide to do their utmost to persuade him to carry out his threat.

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